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Art - director and conductor of the Song and Dance Company professor Victor Akoulovich

Victor Akoulovich was born in the year 1948 in Vienna, Austria. He finished music school in Belorussia (specialization - accordion).
    After that he also finished Sankt-Petersburg`s Academy of Culture and post-graduate course of the conservatoire, where he acquired the experience in conducting the orchestra of russian folk instruments.
    From the year 1972 till now he is a professor on the faculty of conducting in Sankt-Petersburg`s Academy of Culture.
    In the year 1983 Victor Akoulovich defended the dissertation. The subject of the dissertation was the history of russian folk - instrumental orchestra. He published more then 30 works on the problem of folk - instrumental music. Some of these works can be found in the publications of the Academy of Sciences and also in the collection of science works in the Academy of Culture.
    He is the author of a great number of the arrangements for orchestra and folk group "Skomorokhi".
    During 25 years Victor Akoulovich trained more then 100 specialists in the sphere of folk - instrumental music, who are working now in Russia and abroad (India, Mongolia, Czechia, Denmark).
    All this time he leads a concert activity.
    He prepared some programmes as a conductor, among them there is a programme for the Andreev Orchestra on Radio, and also some programmes for conservatoire and Academy of Culture are prepared by him.
    Repeatedly he was invited as a conductor in Manchester (England) and Helsinki (Finland), in Helsinkin balalaika's orchestra.
    Victor Akoulovich is a founder and permanent art - adviser of the Song and Dance company. He is in charge of the folk - group since the first rehearsal in 1969 till now.
    The collective was at once recognized as a unique company in cultural life of Russia.
    During long artistic life of the company more then 300 students received here a good school of a professional skill with the language of folk music.
    Great professional skill of the ensemble on the whole gave him a possibility to present russian art of music in 20 countries of the world, to receive a great number of diplomas and rewards, to prepare concert - programmes with distinguished soloists - virtuoso in folk - instrumental genre and singing.
    From the year 1995 Victor Akoulovich leads series of radio programmes. And listeners can acquaint with different performers on russian folk instruments, with their history of life, and with history of the instruments they play.
    By decree of the president from the year 1992 Victor Akoulovich was awarded the title of the Honoured artist of Russia. And in the year 1995 he was awarded the academic rank of the professor on the faculty of conducting.

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